Rebranding 800 533 Damian Kelly

For months I deliberated about rebranding – should I? Shouldn’t I? How will it impact my business? Etc.. The name was the easy part – it was taking the plunge that was the big decision.

In March, I announced that Decks And Decor was rebranding becoming more personalised to “Damian Kelly, Wedding Host & DJ”.

The change was inspired by my love of a fresh, clean and simple look that I wanted to reflect into my business and in turn, your big day.

I took a big chance and rebranded on the 1st April and what I thought would be a worrying time, has actually proved to be pretty good (so far!).

My worries were building up my new brand, I’d worked tirelessly to get my former name ‘Decks And Decor’ out there and people were beginning to recognise my logo but the change was needed as I wasn’t doing as much of the “Decor” part.. I wanted a name that said who I am and what I do 😃.

I hope you like my new, fresh and clean look just as much as I do. Please feel free to share my pages with friends and family.

Thanks for reading,